Two LEGO Batman trailers in one week!


Are you ready for a second LEGO Batman trailer? Of course you are. By the time this movie comes out you’re going to want to have seen the entire thing in trailer form. This one is a bit more of a clip than a trailer, but it still hosts the same meta-humor that made LEGO Movie work so well and will hopefully make this one work well too. Also, it has bat nipples. 

I’m all for this, but I’m hoping that Hollywood doesn’t go too LEGO crazy. For one I can see the joke wearing thin really quick (though it hasn’t in gaming) and for two it’s really annoying to have to type LEGO in all caps over and over. Of course we already know they’re planning to run this into the ground pretty hard. Caps lock, you shall be my friend forever. 

Wayne Manor - The LEGO Batman - Movie Teaser

Matthew Razak
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