Two more Kingsman films are on their way!


Usually, directors like to round out their trilogy before moving on to other projects in that same universe, but word is the next Kingsman movie has begun shooting and it’s a prequel! Yes, earlier reports were correct and the next Kingsman movie, possibly subtitled The Great Game, will not focus on Eggsy, but instead on the formation of the Kingsman spy organization before World War I. Matthew Vaughn has assembled an impressive cast for this prequel including Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson, Daniel Bruhl, Matthew Goode, and Charles Dance. 

Even though we won’t get to see Taron Egerton reprise his role as Eggsy this time around, it has been reported that after this movie there will be a short break for Matthew Vaughn and then Eggsy will make his triumphant return in Kingsman 3. Kingsman 3 is reported to be “the conclusion of the Harry Hart–Eggsy relationship.”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was not as well received as the first movie and a lot of fans were disappointed in the direction it took. The burger scene, in particular, turned a few stomachs. Kingsman: The Secret Service, on the other hand, was an exciting and surprisingly violent start to this franchise. The period setting offers up a lot of possibilities for more ridiculous gadgets and insane spectacle going forward. I’m excited to get more Kingsman and I’m optimistic that Vaughn can right the ship for these upcoming two movies.

The Kingsmen prequel has moved back its previous release date to now take up the February 14, 2020 slot.

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