Two new Pixar movies announced


This is probably better than Christmas for me. At Disney’s D23 convention this weekend, Pixar announced that they are working on two as of now unnamed features for release in 2013 and 2014. What little info is available, however, makes these new movies sound great!

The first, directed by Up co-director Bob Peterson and coming out November 2013, is about how dinosaurs never went extinct, and instead kept evolving. They story picks up in the present day, with these dino-descendants living among humans. The second, and most interesting, is being directed by Pete Docter (Up and Monsters Inc) for a May 2014. It honestly has the most vague description available. The movie is about going into the human mind, and concerns itself with the formation of ideas. Depending on where the movie goes, this could be the most mature Pixar movie to ever happen.

What do you guys think? Honestly, I’m beside myself in anticipation. While I couldn’t care less about Monster’s University, these next two movies sound absolutely awesome. And it looks like Pixar will beat out both parts of The Hobbit. Everyone knows that Hobbits are no match for Scottish archer princesses and dinosaurs. Common knowledge, guys.

[via Bleeding Cool]