Two new TV spots for Jack Reacher


Two TV spots have shown up for Jack Reacher, which casts 5’7″, dark-haired, green-eyed Tom Cruise as Lee Child’s 6’5″ Aryan superman. The one above gives a nice brief look at evil Werner Herzog, no doubt playing a cousin of Hans and Simon Gruber.

If the filmmakers do a sequel (Jack Reacher 2: Reach Harder) and Cruise doesn’t return, I think they should keep me in mind. I was once in a high school production of Inherit the Wind. Given, I played a juror and had no lines, but I’m of similar stature to Tom Cuise and look even less like a 6’5″ enforcer than he does. Thing is, I’m 6’5″ in my heart if my heart’s on stilts.

After the cut is another TV spot for the film. Jack Reacher will uppercut audiences in the groin on December 21st.

[Via The Playlist]

Hubert Vigilla
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