Two unannounced Star Trek shows are in development


Star Trek: Picard is about to start streaming. Star Trek: Discovery has a third season in production. This week we learned that two additional, unannounced, live action shows are in development. It’s a good time to be a Star Trek fan.

CBS is already working on a show based on the Federation’s intelligence agency, Section 31. There is also an animated show called Lower Decks in development. This is in addition to several short films. Even beyond all of these projects, we have this news. In an interview with Trek Core, producer Alex Kurtzman said, “There are two more live action shows that haven’t been announced yet.” 

It is anyone’s guess what these shows will be about. Since there are two in the works, I’d like to see a combination of things. I really want one of the shows to go back to the basic Trek formula. Give us a crew of intrepid explorers seeking out new life and new civilizations. Take us to regions of space hitherto unseen. It could even be in a different galaxy! I want that basic Trek. 

I would also love to see something totally unique and different. Stories unlike anything we’ve seen before. Doesn’t even have to be based on human. Maybe a Klingon show could be fun, or a Romulan. If the writers are feeling really bold, they could introduce an entirely new species to base the show around. Star Trek is big enough to tell literally any kind of story you can imagine. If we’re going to have a plethora of shows, I really want to see some experimentation.

STAR TREK’s TV Universe Still Expanding; Kurtzman Reveals TWO MORE Live-Action Series in the Works [Trek Core]