Ubisoft teams with New Regency for Splinter Cell film


Ubisoft is all about making movies out of their gaming franchises these days, but with Splinter Cell they aren’t going alone. The gaming company, which has its own film production arm, announced that they will be partnering with New Regency to produce the upcoming Splinter Cell film that recently brought on Tom Hardy to star in and Warren Singer to write. 

Most of us could probably see this coming since Ubi also teamed up with New Regency to produce the Assassin’s Creed film. What does this say about the movies? Well, New Regency doesn’t really have a niche when it comes to the films it makes (everything from Fight Club to Jumper), but when they do produce action they usually give it a budget and it sometimes doesn’t suck. More importantly having a established studio backing the films gives them some clout as having just Ubisoft’s fledgling film studio produce them solo would have led to some low-budget crap.

Matthew Razak
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