Uggie is the first dog to put his paws in cement


Well, cement that’s outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Dogs put their paws in wet cement all the time if you’re not watching them because they’re dogs and they don’t know the stuff is wet until they step in it. Anyway, this time it was intentional, and, to my great surprise, it was the first time it’s ever been done by animal.

Despite looking insanely adorable in his photo and being awesome in The Artist I’m a little shocked that Uggie the first dog to do this. What about Rin Tin Tin or Lassie? And fine, maybe they just didn’t do the whole dog thing back in the day, but it is a crime against humanity that Air Bud and his Air Puppies have not been allowed to put their paws into that hallowed cement. No group of dogs has done more for dog cinema than the Air Dogs and I’ll be damned if they don’t get the attention they deserve.

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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