UK trailer for 47 Ronin makes it look much more enjoyable

47 Ronin Trailer - Not Afraid

Maybe it was the extended length of the first trailer for 47 Ronin, or maybe it was just my chagrin over the bastardization of the story, but I was not sold at all on it. This UK trailer on the other hand gives me a bit more hope. It still looks pretty damn dumb, but with Reeves in classic Reeves mode and a heavy dub step in the background it comes off more fun. This trailer is definitely edited better.

It’s also fun to see Boxing Day mentioned on a trailer release. For a lot of the world the day after Christmas is also a day off so it makes sense to drop a big movie like this then. I’m still not sure how it’s going to stand up to the rest of the holiday fodder, but 47 Ronin should at least give us something dumb that is hopefully fun. 


Matthew Razak
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