Ultimate Dog Tease to be made into full-length “comedy”


You know that one guy that’s all like, “I’m going to put my videos on YouTube and make a million dollars!” and you kind of roll your eyes and humor him, and then he cites Justin Bieber and that Fred guy that the whipper-snappers like and you try to explain that the likelihood of anyone discovering his videos is pretty much a million to one, but he ignores you because he’s going to be “totally famous” and you just don’t understand?

Yeah, that guy is completely on the nose. They will seriously make a movie out of anything. Paramount is in talks with writers Alec Berg and David Mandel of Seinfeld to adapt that one video where the guy does a voice over of his dog being upset about not getting food. I have dog videos on YouTube. Where’s my pile of free money? Hit the jump to see the video that is totally worth making a movie of, apparently.

[Via Collider]