Uncharted and Akira adaptions both lose their directors


Depending on where you fall on the debate of video game and anime movie adaptions, I’ve got either some good news, or some bad news. The directors for both the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune movie and the live-action Akira movie have left their respective projects.

David O. Russell, though now the former director of Uncharted, appears to have split amicably from Sony, and Albert Hughes, the now former director of the live-action Akira, is planning to work with Warner Bros on another yet-to-be-determined project. As of yet, neither film project has been cancelled. I know a lot of people were apprehensive – at best – about a live-action version of anime classic Akira, and a game-to-movie adaption is often really difficult to pull off. What do you think should happen to these two projects?

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