Tom Holland shares Drake photo from Uncharted set


It seems that Sony’s upcoming Uncharted film adaptation is making solid progress. On Twitter this morning, actor Tom Holland shared a photo from the set of the movie that reveals what his iteration of character Nathan Drake will look like. Being the esteemed expert in Uncharted that I am, I can verify that this looks like Drake.

Obviously this isn’t the most amazing thing you’ll see today, but it’s nice to see that Sony isn’t trying to dramatically reinvent the wheel here. Drake was always something of an everyman, so having his rather basic costume replicated means good things. I doubt Uncharted is going to go off the rails and have some secret alien society or plunge the wise cracking hero into some futuristic dimension where the world is run by corporations. For that to happen, the film would need to be set in 2020.

As for how the film is coming along, the last thing we heard from Holland is that filming is going great. Holland is particularly jazzed about this opportunity, so that could mean great things are in store. With more recent video game adaptations turning out to be solid films, we may have finally broken the curse of really terrible video game movies.

Source: Twitter

Peter Glagowski
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