Uncharted movie has a December 2020 release date, may actually happen for real


Fans of both films and video games alike may be fooled into thinking that there’s a resurgence of video game movie adaptations. While it seems like we get a weird, new announcement every week, none of them come to fruition. That may not be the case for Uncharted, however, as Sony has finally put the adventure film onto the studio’s film schedule. Merry Christmas 2020, Nathan Drake.

Last we heard of the project, director Shawn Levy seemed to be quite confident that the project would happen, as it had a completed script. Per THR, it turns out that Levy dropped out of the project in January, but the film adaptation, which is set to star Spider-Man star Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake, found a new helmer in Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane).

Before Levy and Trachtenberg, directors lined up to shoot the film included Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses), Neil Burger (Limitless), and David O. Russell (a cool, calm, collected customer), all of them dropping out for one reason or another. Mark Wahlberg was attached to earlier iterations of the project as Drake, and Nathan Fillion was actively campaigning for the role, even shooting a fan film as Nathan Drake.

But it turns out that Spider-Man is pretty hot right now. Under the direction of Trachtenberg, Holland will be acting as Drake from a screenplay by Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker. I have no clue what kind of take Holland will have on the rugged explorer with inhuman upper body strength—I’m too used to watching him act as a total dork from Homecoming.

We’ll find out late next year, when Uncharted (apparently) releases on December 18, 2020.

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