Underworld franchise is moving to television


Like some sort of early 2000s zombie that just won’t die the Underworld franchise is making a move to television with creator Len Wiseman bringing the show to the small screen. The director/writer/producer and his production company Sketch Films (couldn’t be a more appropriate name) is said to be targeting cable/premium channels with the show pitch. 

Thanks to the fact that brooding vampires fight werewolves is soooooo 2003 the show is said to depart a bit from the films, which had more comic book action feel. Wiseman says, “The series will be a pretty big departure from the films. I don’t want to say it’s more adult, but it’s definitely less comic book in its tone and character.”

Look, I know this franchise has its fans still, and the sequels made money thanks to moderate budgets, but doesn’t this just seem late to the game? By now everything Underworld does has been done to death in a million other movies and shows. I’m just not seeing what this can bring to the franchise that would draw me in in any way. Even if they pull Kate Beckinsale in to star her character isn’t iconic enough to support a series. This isn’t Wesley Snipes as Blade,  and we all saw what happened when they tried to do that on TV.


Matthew Razak
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