Underworld reboot in the works for some reason


Underworld: Awakening released over two years ago, so it’s natural that there’d be talk of the next film in the series (since it also earned the most in the franchise). Awakening seemed to introduce new characters capable of taking over the series if needed, and that might be the case. According to THR, Lakeshore Entertainment with Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi (the duo that’s produced the entire series so far) are working on a reboot with Cory Goodman (Priest) writing. 

Due to this latest entrance in the franchise being a reboot, I’d expect Kate Beckingsale is now past her “jumping around in tight leather pants” phase. But if she’s down for another go (and this is one of those sequel reboots) then I’d be cool with it. 

[via THR]