Universal in talks for Kick-Ass 2, may shoot in August


Well, it seems like Mark Miller may have been half-right. Universal is currently in talks with screenwriter Jeff Wadlow to put Kick-Ass 2 in production this August. The caveat here is that Wadlow isn’t only writing the script, but also directing it. Matthew Vaughn wrote, directed, and produced the first Kick-Ass and wanted to do a follow-up. But since Vaughn is currently committed to the X-Men: First Class sequel, he’s letting Wadlow take over and giving the project his blessing. Vaughn is still supposedly co-writing the script.

Of course, Kick-Ass 2 still needs to be greenlit, but it sounds like it’s just about to be approved. Then Universal has to worry about getting Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse on-board.

As much as I enjoyed the first movie, I’m not quite sure I want any more. I know the ending set up Red Mist to be the new big villain, but I was perfectly content with where the story left off. Plus, there won’t be any Nicholas Cage as a crazy Batman-esque superhero with creepy facial hair. If Big Daddy isn’t in there, who cares?

[Via Deadline]