Universal kills production on Ouija movie


Remember when you heard about Universal buying up board game properties like Candyland, Battleship and Ouija? Remember how you’re brain felt as you thought “My god, that is absolutely the most STUPID idea I have ever heard”? I know it all seemed like a terrible dream, but with the Transformer’s esque Battleship coming soon to theaters, this nightmare is all too real. Thankfully, one of those properties will probably never make it to the big screen.

Rejoice, anyone who doesn’t suffer from a mental disability, for Vulture reports that Universal has nixed the McG helmed Ouija movie due to budgetary reasons. To add injury to insult, Universal will have to pay a $5 million penalty to Hasbro for dropping the project as per their 2008 agreement. I’m not one to wallow in other people’s failures, but HA!

Now if we can only find a way to ensure that Battleship never makes it to theaters.

[Via Vulture]