Universal looking for new Bourne


Sharing my sentiments exactly but two films too late, Matt Damon has had enough of the Bourne series. Universal aren’t letting such a minor detail as the loss of their leading man deter them from dredging it back up for another go though, and are auditioning actors for a new character to lead the next round of po-faced, needlessly convoluted espionage drama which will no doubt involve people talking gruffly on the phone and trying to deceive one another only to discover that the other person is actually WATCHING THEM RIGHT NOW OMG.

Having made an unlikely action hero out of Damon, Universal and director Tony Gilroy (who returns from the first, and best, Bourne film) seem to be aiming to repeat the trick and have shortlisted the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Garrett Hedlund, Kellan Lutz, Taylor Kitsch and Tobey Maguire. Yes, Tobey Maguire. In other words, actors who look just enough like Matt Damon to reassure fans of the previous films, but just different enough that audiences know they’re not watching the same character. Since Gilroy is reportedly eager to audition everyone up for the role, it’s possible that some of the bigger names may rule themselves out and put unknown actors in with a shout. Whatever happens, expect more running and violence that is impossible to make out due to the constantly shaking camera sometime around August 2012.

[via Variety]