Universal may do Bridesmaids sequel without a Wiig


With all the success Bridesmaids had last year, it was no wonder that Universal was foaming at the mouth with novelty dollar signs over their eyes at the prospect of making more money. Much like the film it Rule 63’d, Universal was looking to mirror Warner Bros. success with The Hangover and churn out a franchise that comes out every year. However, much to their displeasure, star and co-writer Kristen Wiig has no interest in making easy money or bastardizing a film into unnecessary sequels. That should be the end of that story, right?

In a move that is sure to surprise only the purist of optimists, THR reports that sources close to Universal Studios have said that they plan to continue their attempts in turning Bridesmaids into a franchise with or without Wiig’s blessing. Speculation is with Wiig dead set on not doing it, producer Judd Appatow and director Paul Feig are to follow suit in dropping out. Sources also say that a sequel would focus on Bridesmaids other break out star, Melissa McCarthy.

What’s that? a major film studio going on with producing a sequel despite the absence of principle players? IS THE SKY STILL BLUE!? OH THE HUMANITY!

[Via THR]