Universal may pick up Mark Millar’s War Heroes


The Hollywood Reporter has an update on a long gestating film adaptation of an unfinished Mark Millar project. War Heroes has been on issue 3 of 6 since August 2008. I gave up two years ago on that series. That hasn’t stopped Universal from swooping in and start negotiations to get the film adaptation up to speed. Last we heard, Sony picked up the rights back in 2008 when the series was still being produced in the comics. The project went nowhere with Sony at the helm, so why not sell the rights to Universal? 

War Heroes is about a world where having super powers is just a pill away. The US military starts using these pills over in Iraq during the War on Terror, to great results. Naturally though, someone always wants to make a profit, and a group of renegade soldiers start selling the pills to the highest bidder. It’s a really interesting concept, one that I wish Millar would just hurry up and finish already. It’ll be sad if Universal’s adaptation comes out before issue four of the series does. 

[via The Hollywood Reporter]