Universal president admits that Universal movies suck


Universal Studios president Ron Meyer admitted at the Savannah Film Festival (no, me neither) that his studio’s output in recent years has not always been of the highest quality and expressed his disappointment that some of their more distinctive fare, such as United 93, Scott Pilgrim and A Beautiful Mind, failed to do big business at the box-office.

Even though he said that the studio always set out with the goal of making good movies – like the upcoming Ouija and Battleship, no doubt – things didn’t always go to plan. Things like The Wolfman, which Meyer described as “one of the worst movies we ever made” (and given the studio’s extensive re-editing, they’re not short of blame there), or the “just crap” Land Of The Lost, while Cowboys & Aliens was “a mediocre movie” that “didn’t deserve better”, despite being well-stocked with talent.

This is all very well and good, but no guarantee that Universal’s future output is going to be any better. Michael Bay was pretty apologetic about Transformers 2, only for Dark Of The Moon to suck even harder. Maybe next time he can warn us about the upcoming movies on his slate that are going to be terrible? Although that would sort of put Flixist out of a job. So never mind.

[via The AV Club]