Universal revives the Ouija board movie for 2013


Man, some days you just can’t win. Universal has picked back up the long in-development movie based around a goddamned magical Ouija board that it dropped last year. McG, long set to direct, is out, and it’s fairly likely the script from Tron: Legacy scribes Adam Horowitz and Ed Kitsis is out as well. The film got a rework from writer Marti Noxon while producers were shopping it around, and it’s gotten a serious budget-ectomy, coming in at a budget of $5 million, as opposed to over-$100 million budget under McG. The film is also set for a 2013 release date, so the studio is going to have to kick this guy out pretty fast to have to have it ready for…what, the February boneyards? I don’t even know where this would get marketed. Summer?

This movie’s a stupid idea. I don’t think anyone’s not thinking that. At least Universal’s done the sensible thing and canned McG, a.k.a. “Alex is Going to Hurt Me for Ruining the Terminator Franchise for Another Ten Years.” The dude is the bland Michael Bay. He’s not worse than Michael Bay. He’s just blander. At least Michael Bay understands spectacle.

[Via Deadline]