Universal Studios wants a re-imagined Cinderella


Man, fairy tales really are the new vampires. First we have two, dueling Snow White movies, and now we’re going to have two re-imaginings of the Cinderella story! About a month ago we learned that Disney is going to be making a  Cinderella story about a man who is “trapped in a political engagement” and that engagement is threatened when he meets the titular character.

Now Universal Studios has announced it wants screenwriter Ann Peacock to re-imagine a Cinderella story from an earlier draft by Michael Dougherty. Right now, the public synopsis is pretty familiar, “a young girl is whisked away from her terrible home situation by her fairy godmother to a magical ball where she meets the aptly named Prince Charming” but hopefully after Peacock rewrites it, it will become something a bit more original. Let’s hope, at least.

[Via Collider]