Universal sues Asylum for Battleship nonsense


In a move that is simply shocking, Universal has sued direct-to-video studio Asylum for fear of copyright infringement on their upcoming board game to movie adaptation of Battleship. You see, when two studios release two similar projects, it gets to be a little confusing. And while the Snow White fiasco has, thankfully, gone on without a hitch, it seems this new Battleship kerfuffle will try the might of courtrooms everywhere.

Let’s be honest here, who actually cares about two stinkers going up against each other like this? We know they’re both crap, the studios know they’re both crap, and the general public just doesn’t seem to care one way or another. However, my favorite part of this debacle is Asylum’s response. Being the better people they are, the studio thanked Universal for the free publicity.

After briefly perusing Asylum’s website, I know who I’m rooting for. Asylum is putting out a movie called Nazis at the Center of the Earth. Plus, their American Battleship film stars Carl Weathers. I rest my case.

[via /Film]