Unofficial Hesher trailer causes controversy


Joseph Gordon-Levitt sprawled out on a couch in only his underwear while he smokes and lets his straggly hair fall past his shoulders is certainly a much different image of him than most of his new fans are used to, but if you stretch back past Inception and 500 Days of Summer you know this is the type of role JGL can really elevate since it will challenge him.

I wish I could say the same about Natalie Portman, who plays a nerdy girl with glasses, but she’s so over costumed that it just comes off as a bad SNL skit to me. It’s like Rocky’s stoner neighbor is hitting on Adrian’s doppelgänger daughter. At first I thought it was due to bad casting, but according to director and co-writer Spencer Susser, this trailer is a misrepresentation of what the film’s actually like:

“I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the Hesher trailer that’s spreading around. I wanted to let you know that it’s far from the official trailer. It’s a trailer cut for foreign markets from the same “geniuses” who tried to change the name to “Rebel”. While it’s not a bad trailer, it was created by the foreign sales representatives of the film for the specific intent of explaining the film to people in foreign, often non-english-speaking markets. I’m happy to see that people online like the trailer and are interested in Hesher, but the trailer doesn’t accurately present the tone of the film or the character of Hesher. Anyway, I’m looking forward to sharing the official trailer which will be out very soon and I feel will communicate the film’s intent more clearly.”

JGL and Rainn Wilson both Tweeted confirmations of the above details, so feel free to skip this trailer and wait for the official one that will surely be coming out soon to mend this confusion.

[Quote via GordonAndTheWhale]