Unreleased Orson Welles film may yet see a release


We may be seeing a new Orson Welles movie in our future. No, not the good version of The Magnificent Ambersons. What is this, the parallel universe from Fringe? The film, entitled The Other Side of the Wind, was directed by the Citizen Kane genius in 1972, and it stars John Huston, director of The Maltese Falcon, as an old film director in his final days.

Apparently, the film’s release has been prevented these forty-odd years as a result of a legal dispute over ownership of the film. Producer Jacqueline Boushehri and the film’s co-star and co-writer Oja Kodar, the primary roadblocks to the film’s release, are planning on selling their interest in the film, which could very well lead to its release.

I’m excited to see an unreleased Orson Welles picture, as you all should be. I have to say, it’s mostly because when I think of Welles, I wind up inevitably remembering A) that goddamned Citizen Kane clapping gif, and B)Maurice LaMarche’s impersonation of the director often found on The Critic as opposed to his brilliant body of work. And that’s a terrible thing.

[Via Collider]