Upcoming Mark Millar comic series getting film adaptation


Mark Millar’s comics have had a strange relationship with cinema. It started in 2008, when an adaptation of his 2003-2004 comic book series Wanted was released. The film, which was entertaining in its own right, had nothing to do with its source material. Then came 2010’s Kick-Ass,* which moved (pretty seamlessly, I think) between a panel-to-film adaptation of the 2008 comic and something entirely different. What was interesting about Kick-Ass (both the comic and the film), is that they end with essentially the same image, a cliffhanger for the sequel. However, as of the film’s release, there was no sequel for the comic book. This was remedied later in the year when Kicks-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall was released, but it struck me as quite strange at the time that the film would keep the cliffhanger despite the lack of guaranteed sequel material. The next adaptation is set to go even further, though, because the film version of Supercrooks is being made at the same time as the comic… a new series that Millar hasn’t actually started working on. The comic book is being created with artist Leinil Lu, and Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo, who should win the award for greatest name ever, is set to direct the film.

Mark Millar makes entertaining comics, and the film versions have been pretty great too, so I am excited for this. It remains to be seen how long we will have to wait before this new property is released to shelves or theaters, but it’s certainly something worth looking forward to.

[Via /Film]

*Kick-Ass is available on Netflix Instant. If you’re bored this weekend, it’s a fun way to spend two hours.