Upcoming Star Trek game leads into upcoming film


If you’re a gamer, you were probably covering sister site Destructoid’s E3 coverage over this past month. If you’re a Star Trek fan, you most likely saw the news of a new, cooperative-play Star Trek game featuring the reboot universe and the likenesses of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as Kirk and Spock. The game may prove required playing for anyone psyched for the sequel coming in 2012, as writer Roberto Orci has stated that the game will serve as a bridge between the two films and that it will be in canon. As the game centers around Kirk and Spock, their growing friendship will be a large part of the game, as they’re evidently in a “middle step” between their first meetings and the friendship that is to come.

In related news, how in the hell do these guys think that Star Trek 2 is going to be ready in time for a December 2012 release? With the level of CG needed, and the script evidently unfinished, where’s the time going to be for a massive shoot, all kinds of makeup and costuming, CG design, AND all the lovely post-production stuff that needs to happen? Is the film going to be made in some kind of slow time warp?

[Via /Film]