UPDATE 2: New Pacific Rim Jaeger posters are gorgeous


UPDATE 2: Now we’ve got all five Pacific Rim Jaegers folks! USA’s Gipsy Danger and Australia’s Striker Eureka! Now that you’ve seen them all, what do you think? I’m personally hoping they eventually combine and form a Voltron of some sort. 

UPDATE: Now we have China’s Jaeger representative, Crimson Typhoon and Russia’s Cherno Alpha. Now that I think of it, this is starting to seem a lot like G Gundam. In that show,  every country gets a fightin’ machine designed with crazy stereotypes in mind. And if that’s the case, I can’t wait for Mexico’s mech. Original story below. 

Although I still believe Pacific Rim is just the Power Rangers’ Megazords punching Godzillas in the face, it’s hard to deny that Guillermo Del Toro has a distinct visual flair. All of his visual prowess comes through in this magnificent poster featuring Japanese Jaeger, Coyote Tango. It has everything you want: Japan, a giant robot firing a gun, destruction. It’s basically a better version of a Michael Bay poster. 

And as the weeks roll on, Legendary is going to release poster images featuring Jaegers from other countries (AMERICA!) so keep an eye out on this post for updates. You can check out a better image of the poster below (as well as a few images that have been floating around, but not featured here) in the gallery.

[via Twitter]