UPDATE: Disney confirms standalone Star Wars spin-offs


UPDATE: Disney’s CEO Bob Iger confirmed, in an interview with CNBC, that multiple standalone Star Wars films are in the works (with Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg currently writing them). They’re not going to be tied to the saga (spin-offs most likely), each film will be character specific, and will release roughly in the same period as the new trilogy. So buck up everyone! We could get that Fett film after all…or that Jabba one. I love how Disney’s handling this property already! Original Yoda story below. 

In the never ending onslaught of news in regards to the coming resurgence of the Star Wars franchise, this little ditty seems especially juicy…and just a tad bit dubious. Ain’t It Cool News briefly mentions that Kathleen Kennedy from LucasFilm has a guideline set up for the Star Wars universe, which is a perfectly reasonable assertion. We’re already aware of J.J. Abrams directing Episode VII, and we’ve been hearing rumors of Disney wanting to produce stand alone companion films, not unlike Marvel’s genius film production plan. 

The site goes on, however, to mention quite matter of fact-ly that the first stand alone film from the Star Wars universe will focus on everyone’s favorite Jedi with a speech impediment, grand-master Yoda. I threw in the ‘grand-master’ to add a little spice. While that seems like a perfectly brilliant idea, there’s no reference or disclosure of the source of this information, so as of this moment it should all be taken with a hefty helping of sodium chloride.

I love the green guy as much as the next person, and I would love to see him have a film all to himself where he whoops serious ass for two hours. He is 800 years old after all. The dude has probably seen some serious sh*t.

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