Update: Emma Stone NOT in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

[Update: Sadly, /film is now reporting that Stone has turned down the role. This makes Sean a Sad Sean.]

Right at the top of the admittedly long list of things I love sits the ravishing Emma Stone and the shambling, walking corpses better known as zombies. Also high on that list: kielbasa, jacuzzis, and my girlfriend Dalin (not it that order), but those things are not important. At least not today. Sorry Dalin.

Word on the street is Ms. Stone has been offered the lead in the upcoming film adaptation of Pride, Predjudice, and Zombies. If this happens, I will adjourn to my bunk for several days. In preperation for the, uh, zombie apocalypse. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Craig Gillespie, the genius/madman who brought us Mr. Woodcock, Lars and the Real Girl, and the forthcoming Fright Night remake (which I am SO excited for), is directing and Marti Noxon, writer of Fright Night, is doing some final script touch-ups. This is great news, as it sounds like this movie will be out before I’m in my thirties, unlike World War Z.

Emma Stone is already a zombie-killing veteran, and seeing her do it in Victorian garb is extremely relevant to my interests. Extremely.

[Via /film]