UPDATE: Every movie nod in The Simpsons seasons 1-10


UPDATE: Next Movie has gone and done the impossible once again and have collected every movie reference in The Simpsons seasons six through ten. It’s 20 minutes of pure glory (but with some understandable cutbacks. If they wanted very reference, they’d have to include full episodes), and basically just reminds me that I don’t watch nearly enough movies! Check it out (The original season 1-5 video is below the jump too if you’re interested). In other news, I’m going to watch the “Homer becomes a boxer episode” about six more times. 

Think you know movies? Think you know The Simpsons? Well you don’t know enough of either. The good folks over at Next Movie have compiled a 19 minute long supercut of every – single- movie reference in the first five seasons of The Simpsons. In its 23 (going on 24 and 25) seasons, The Simpsons has shown over and over its love of pop culture (and further cementing itself as a staple itself) and this cut proves that it was certainly strong with references early on. If five seasons of them are 19 minutes long, imagine how long a complete supercut would be? 

Oh and for the record, my favorite movie reference will always be “No TV and no beer make Homer something something” (although that isn’t until season six). 

[via Next Movie]