Update: Gillan, Del Toro cast in Guardians of the Galaxy


Update: In even bigger news than the initial story, Benicio Del Toro will be taking a major role in the film. It hasn’t been revealed who yet, but it is said that the character will be appearing in multiple Marvel films. Considering the heroes have been cast for the film this basically leaves Thanos as the only other known options for Del Toro to play. Barring a surprise appearance by some other character I think we can call it.

Original: It’s well-established that I love red-heads, and I am also a big comic nerd, so just like Emma Watson being cast in Amazing Spider-Man, news that Dr. Who alum Karen Gillan has been cast in Guardians of the Galaxy has made the wait until next year even more agonizing. No news on who she’ll be playing but apparently speculation says she’ll be the main villain.

As much as I love Guardians, most of their villains that weren’t purple and wrinkly are a little hazy. So the question I pose to those of you who know the lore better than me, what villain do you think Ms. Pond will be playing?

[via /film]