Update: Jessica Biel is NOT in The Wolverine


Update: Well, that was short lived. Turns out Jessica Biel will not be starring in The Wolverine. Talks seem to have fallen through. This doesn’t mean Viper won’t be appearing in the film, but Jessica Biel won’t be playing her. Original story follows:

There’s been some casting news leaking out over the past week about The Wolverine, but nothing as tantalizing (or attractive) as today’s. Jessica Biel has been offered a role in the picture as Viper (formerly Madame Hydra), a peer/enemy/wife(!?) to Logan. Yea, this could get a little confusing.

The Wikipedia page for her is all over the place, and doesn’t make her out as having the the best evil villain plans. However, she seems to have flirted with being in love with Wolverine and blackmailed him into marrying her so she could become the head of a crime syndicate or something. I’m sure bigger comic book fans will be able to explain that better, but it does allow for some complexities in the character.

The story arc in which Viper, who often fights the Avengers and X-Men and was once a member of HYDRA, marries Logan was written by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller so at least we know that has some cred. We don’t have an official plot synopsis for the film yet, but clearly we’re going to get a bit of a love story between Logan and Viper. If that doesn’t entice you then how about Jessica Biel in whatever skin tight outfit they’re going to put her in? Yea, you’re sold now.

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