UPDATE: More pics of Katniss/Finnick in Catching Fire


UPDATE: EW has updated their site with three new photos of Catching Fire, with each one featuring a significant male of the series. While these are admittedly more interesting than the cover (check out those Robocops!), they’re still pretty bland. I hope we get a trailer or something more tantalizing soon. Original story below.

Now that the Hunger Games sequel has started production, what with its cooool IMAX and Phillip Seymour Hoffmans, its about time we got a look at how some of the new cast looks, notably Sam Claflin as Finnick. Thankfully, Entertainment Weekly is providing our first look at Finnick and Katniss in their Quarter Quell outfits…and it is boring. 

I’m not sure what I expected out of Claflin, but this is one of those “book looks better in your mind” moments. The book hypes up Finnick’s attractiveness so much, I wanted to see a man-god. But yeah, chalk it up to my high standards, as I’m sure Clafin is very attractive, but he falls flat here. Also doesn’t help that the cover is so dreadfully boring and it reminds me that Jennifer Lawrence’s hair is fake. The suits look nice though. 

[EW via Punch Drunk Critics]