Update on awesome Tron: Destiny leaked fan video


About two days ago an awesome Tron fan video leaked online and was pulled from YouTube before we could share it with everyone. It was labeled “TRON: Destiny – TR3N Comic-Con 2011 Teaser Trailer?” and when the account got closed due to take down notices from Disney, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and David Lewandowski — the man responsible for the Tron: Legacy title sequence — I got a little excited that a legitimate spinoff viral video for Comic-Con had been leaked. However, the uploader has stated that his account was closed only because his other videos had infringing content. This was also revealed in the user’s new account:

BTW, just got this email from the guy who sent me the video:  Got this from our tape room (We all got a little excited). Found out IT IS fan made:( Made by one guy for no money. Apparently this is the rough cut.

Then there’s the nail in the copyright coffin: TronDestiny.com isn’t registered to Disney like TronLegacy.com is, but instead some random guy who just purchased it this week after the video leaked. While it would have elevated the excitement, this fan made video still features above average acting and special effects, and is well worth watching regardless of whether or not you enjoyed the recent Tron film. In fact, even if you know nothing about Tron, it’s still a sweet stand alone short film.