UPDATE: Production halts on Dark tower


Update: Deadline is now reporting that the Dark Tower staff has been asked to stop work on the project
and that plans to begin shooting in September have been scrapped. The studio has denied the talk that
the project is in turnaround, and there is still a chance that Universal will nut up and resume production.
However, considering this is the same Universal that thought a $150 million R-rated horror movie was
too risky
, I have grave doubts that they’ll OK an R-rated television/film franchise on a multiversal scale
that makes Lord of the Rings look indie. – Alex Katz

Original: Last year, Universal Studios revealed a plan to adapt famous novelist Steven King’s series The Dark Tower into at least one feature film, several theatrical sequels and subsequent television events. King’s book series tells the story of Roland Deschain, the last in a mythic order of men called The Gunslingers,  who is on a quest to find the Dark Tower. Javier Bardem was even cast to play the lead role.

Now it is being reported that Universal execs are starting to have second thoughts about the project, and apparently it has to do with money woes. It is possible that the project could be put into turnaround, meaning that the project could be bought by another company or co-financed  with Universal. For now, the first installment of The Dark Tower is still scheduled for a May 17, 2013  release. I know a lot of people were wary about this project to begin with, so fans of the books, are you disappointed or relieved?

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