[UPDATE] Russell Crowe cast as the new Robocop?

[UPDATE: Well, looks like it’s the week of the police cyborg known as Robocop. Just the other day, we told you that Nick Schenk was hired on to write the Robocop remake for the big screen. Today we’re reporting that Russel Crowe is apparently being eyed for the eponymous role. However, take this with a huge amount of salt (forget grains, life’s too short), as it was evidently tweeted by Variety’s Jeff Sneider in some spiteful attempt at “here first” journalism (I just made that term up). That being said, names like Michael Fassbender and Chris Pine were also being eyed for the role, so let’s just call this a possible shortlist of candidates that may or may not pan out. More as it breaks, folks.]

When Jose Padilha took the Robocop remake reins from Darren Aronofsky, he decided to go in his own direction with the project. He had a specific vision in mind for the film, to which he felt that Gran Torino writer Nick Schenk would be most suitable for. I suppose that sort of “outdated” feel is what Padilha is going for, since Gran Torino felt more like it should have been made in the 70’s rather than… jeez, 2008? Really? The themes of prejudice and bigotry would have seemed outlandish back then, but nowadays it’s considered more or less a thing of the past… which is interesting considering the Robocop remake would presumably be taking place in a futuristic setting like its predecessor(s).

Also, despite the rumor mill churning out oats of Michael Fassbender considered to be playing Robocop himself, no cast has officially signed on as of yet. This should give Nick Schenk enough time before production officially starts up later… wait, what, THIS year? Seriously? They need to scrounge up a cast–and fast.

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