UPDATE: Sandler/Barrymore coming back to romantic comedy


UPDATE: Variety reports that Drew Barrymore has signed on to the spiritual third part of Adam Sandler’s romantic comedy trilogy (The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates came first). No other new information is available at the moment, but consider me super excited for this project now! Original story below. 

Adam Sandler as an actor is “iffy.” He can sometimes surprise you with his awkward chops (like in Big Daddy), but most of the time he embarasses himself with his awkward chops (like in Big Daddy). With all of that in mind, he turns out some of his best work when it comes to romantic comedies. When he worked with Drew Barrymore on The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates, he’s never looked better. 

So he’s going to try that again. Sandler has chosen to delay Ridiculous 6 (that Western spoof), and work on a new romantic comedy. First Showing also notes that Drew Barrymore might come back to finish their trilogy, but that’s not set in stone. The film is reportedly about a couple on a blind date that somehow gets stuck at a family resort (and then shenanigans happen or something). If Drew Barrymore does come back to this admittedly lacking story, then color me interested. If not, I’m just going to ignore it since it’ll be another Just Go With It. 

[via First Showing]