[Update] Spike Lee is directing the Oldboy remake

[Update: Jesus, today’s turning into Spike Lee Day here at Flixist. /Film has reported that Spike Lee has been confirmed to direct the Oldboy remake, per a press release from Mandate Pictures. This is going to be really, really awesome or really, really crappy. Our original article on the first report of the rumor follows]

This could make for the weirdest story of the day. There’s been talk of a remake to the Korean classic Oldboy since the film’s release. For the longest time, Will Smith was attached to star and Steven Spielberg was doing anything from producing to actually directing. Now, after a fresh script by Thor writer Mark Protosevich started making the rounds back in 2010, Spike Frigging Lee is in talks to direct the remake. This is after the original shortlist (Spielberg, Danny Boyle, and Matthew Vaughn) all passed on the film.

Spike Lee hasn’t directed a feature film since Miracle at St. Anna, not counting his two HBO documentaries about New Orleans. Even so, he’s about the weirdest choice for this film that I could imagine. This is a major league rumor, mind, so it may prove to be nothing, but I couldn’t let this morning go by without telling you guys about it. It’s just amazing and ridiculous.

[Via /Film, Via Twitch Film]