Update: Tarsem Singh’s Snow White rushed into production


Update: Relativity Media sent us a corrected, and what they say is correct, timeline for the film’s production. You can check it out below the fold. This timeline definitely makes the film’s production seem far less rushed.

There are going to be some huge battles taking place in 2012, with Bond, Tarantino, Batman, Pixar, The Hobbit, Superman, Star Trek and The Avengers among those duking it out for box-office supremacy. Never mind that, though, as an even more vicious battle could be on the cards… between rival productions of SNOW WHITE! Universal are releasing a gothic interpretation of the fairytale starring Kirsten Stewart and Chris Hemsworth in June, but Relativity will beat them to the punch with a more family-friendly version, directed by visual auteur Tarsem Singh and starring Lily Collins, to be released in March.

Unfortunately, that advantage may have come at a cost, according to Jason Keller, the movie’s writer. He claims Relativity saw that Universal also had a Snow White project on their slate and panicked, leading to them hurrying their version into production, with location scouting and costume design starting before a script was even finished. Keller calls it a ‘super cool way to write a script’, but it sounds a complete shambles to me and motivated by all the wrong reasons. Tarsem Singh’s movies have typically been gorgeous but lacking substance and this doesn’t sound like the best way of changing that trend.

[via Vulture]

Early May 2010

Relativity buys Melisa Wallack’s Untitled Snow White script starting to develop it for production in 2011

Melisa Wallack works with Relativity continuing to develop the scriptLate

Oct 2010

Jason Keller comes on board to continue working on the script based on Melisa Wallack’s earlier drafts

June 2011

Principal photography begins on film in Montreal (the original targeted time frame for production)

Shortly before the shoot, Universal announces they are moving from December, 2012 to June 1, 2012. The originally announced release for Relativity’s Snow White was June 29, 2012

Relativity moves release date to March 16, 2012