[UPDATED] Ralph Fiennes hints at his Skyfall character


UPDATE: Follow the jump for a potentially spoilerific rumour expanding on Fiennes’ comment.

Amidst the staggeringly awesome cast lined up for Skyfall, the twenty-third entry in the James Bond franchise, the character being played by Ralph Fiennes has so far been shrouded in mystery. There has been speculation that he will be playing ultravillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but the actor today gave his first insight into what the role entails. Ready for this? He’s “allowed to say that he’s [playing] a government agent.”

Whilst that makes Blofeld seem less likely (although I’d still like to see the character return), it’s still far from impossible. If we’re creating links, though, it’s a decent bet that his character will be linked with that of Helen McCrory, who will be playing a politician, and possibly Albert Finney, whose role is also rumoured to be that of a senior official. Given how the plot involves something in M’s past returning to haunt her, it looks like there could be some shenanigans afoot in the upper echelons of British government: largely unexplored territory for the Bond series to date.

Dark Knight, Hobbit and Avengers may be this year’s most high profile blockbusters, but you wouldn’t do badly to keep a bet on Bond.

[via The Daily Record]

01/03/12 Update: Shortly after Fiennes’ comment was published, Movieweb published a rumour from a reportedly reliable on-set source that the actor would not just be playing a government agent, but the man set to take over from M after her position is compromised. To quote the site:

Skyfall centers around M (Judi Dench) where her past forces her to leave as head of MI6, and find a new M. The board of MI6 then turns to a government agent (Ralph Fiennes) to take over. M (Dame Judi) is now forced to train the new head of MI6.

Interesting… if true. Personally, I have strong doubts that the producers would be prepared to ditch the Dench – who has become a stalwart of the series – and even stronger ones that Fiennes would be the man to take over. Stranger things have happened, though, and these are certainly more complex rumours than revolve around the average new Bond movie.