US teaser trailer and poster for The Void instills cosmic dread by way of 80s horror


Last week we shared the UK teaser trailer for The Void, a cosmic horror film with shades of John Carpenter, H.P. Lovecraft, and Hellraiser II. Even though it was just 30 seconds long, it packed in lots of gore and dread.

Today we’ve got a US teaser trailer for The Void. It’s 30 seconds longer and just as tantalizingly Lovecraftian/Carpenter-esque.

Check out the US teaser trailer for the film below.

This looks like the kind of movie I would have loved to find in the video store growing up. For those of you not familiar with video stores, get off my lawn and turn that damn music down. Also, stop drinking so much soda–it rots your teeth.

The Void will be in UK theaters on March 31st and US theaters on April 7th. We’ve got the US poster for the film below in the gallery. Fittingly, the poster looks like great VHS box art.

Hubert Vigilla
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