V/H/S poster art for each of the film’s five tales


With the theatrical release of V/H/S fast approaching, the people over at Magnet have done something really cool. They asked five comic book artists to create a poster for each of the film’s five segments. They’re a nice complement to the previous V/H/S poster from a few months back.

Here are the poster names and the artists as they appear in the gallery:

  • Tuesday the 17th by Esad Ribic
  • Amatuer Night by James Stokoe
  • Second Honeymoon by R.M. Guera
  • The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger by Jason Latour
  • 10/31/98 by Tony Moore

As a reminder, we still have a few free passes to an early screening of V/H/S. The screening is on October 1st in Washington DC, so hit us up if you’re in the area. If our Sundance review of V/H/S is any indication, you won’t want to miss it. V/H/S hits theaters on October 5th.

[Via Comics Alliance]

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