Vacation writers want Chevy Chase back, no Ed Helms


It’s official: writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein want as many actors from the original Vacation movies to return as possible, with their sights firmly set on Chevy Chase returning as hapless Everyman Clark Griswold as well as Beverly D’Angelo as mother Ellen. This makes pretty much perfect sense, in terms of the franchise, since the movie’s all about family togetherness and such. Grizzled old Grampaw Griswold and Gramma Griswold would absolutely be involved in their children’s vacations. The film, a sequel/reboot of sorts, will center around Rusty and his family, likely taking their new batch of kids on some sort of vacation

Speaking of Rusty, while the obvious choice of casting would be Anthony Michael Hall, since he’s not exactly stupid busy these days. A rumor was floating around that placed Ed Helms in Rusty’s role, though he has since denied having ever been approached about the film. He’d make a pretty solid Griswold patriarch, trying to take his family on a vacation rivaling that of the ones his old man took him on as boy, but alas, it is not meant to be.

[Via THR, Collider]