Van Damme and Chuck Norris in Expendables 2


With The Expendables turning out to be an unexpected success, Sly Stallone has been working hard to add to his already impressive list of OAP action stars. Arnold Schwarznegger and Bruce Willis will reportedly be getting the kind of screentime which the previous movie’s poster deceivingly promised, but it seems that Sly has really hit the motherload by getting Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris to sign on as new cast members.

Thanks to the internet giving them a serious cult following in recent years, the two actors sum up just about everything that Expendables stars are supposed to represent: implausibly muscular, iconic and old enough to go on one last roundhouse-kicking adventure. Although in the case of Chuck Norris, he doesn’t so much go on adventures as have adventure follow him wherever he goes. Stallone has promised a big showdown between Van Damme and himself (I’d prefer Van Damme and Norris, but hey ho) and said that Nicolas Cage is also close to signing up, bringing less burly but hopefully a whole lot of crazy. The last movie didn’t know what to do with its seven-strong main cast, so God knows how it’ll find time for a possible ten. Or twelve if Arnie and Bruce get more time, or thirteen if the Seagal rumours are true, or sixteen if Michael Pare, Carl Weathers and Michael Biehn…

Anyway, what matters is that we’ll definitely be able to see two more classic action icons shooting and punching things on August 17th 2012. Sploosh.

[via EMPIRE]