Venom 2 confirmed by Sony, new director likely


Venom was a massive hit. Not with critics, and not with my older brother and I when we drunkenly watched it a few weeks ago. But certainly with mainstream audiences, who flocked to theaters to see Venom, providing Sony with a cool $855 million worldwide. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

There was inevitably going to be a sequel, and today Variety confirmed it in an exclusive report. Screenwriter Kelly Marcel is in negotiations to return for the sequel. While Marcel was not the only screenwriter for Venom, she is certainly the most sought after, with Variety hinting that the dollar amount Sony is dangling in front of her is ‘significant’. She will executive produce the sequel in addition to writing the script.

Tom Hardy will return as well to give us more of his terrible, terrible Brooklyn accent, which is a plus. However, Reuben Fleischer who directed Venom will not be returning at all for the sequel. Fleischer is currently busy handling Sony’s sequel to Zombieland and will be unavailable to work on the sequel to Venom.

Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson are expected to return as well, with the latter signed on to play Carnage in the sequel. No lie, the thought of seeing Carnage and Venom fight onscreen is interesting.

I just hope it isn’t as boring as Venom was to me. And my brother.

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