Venom’s a two-Tom town: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man appearance confirmed


Sony must be seriously happy with their cut of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man money, because, despite their insistence to the contrary, it appears that Spider-Man, Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man, will appear in the standalone Venom movie starring Tom Hardy.

Comic movie insider Jon Schnepp, sidestepping spoilers (and hard facts), has promised that Tom Holland has spent several days on the Venom set, filming some sort of appearance as Peter Parker, or Spidey.

Previously, Sony, owner to the Spider-Man film rights, had expressed that this project was independent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including those films featuring Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. However, if these filming appearance details are accurate, it’s highly unlikely that Holland would be there for anything so underwhelming as a tongue-in-cheek appearance. More likely, their partnering with Disney subsidiary Marvel has proven financially beneficial to the point that another partnership (perhaps one more in their favor, this being their film) makes (dollars) and sense.

Given Marvel’s continued track record at the box office, why not? 

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