Venom Sequel will not be R-Rated


For a film, many thought would do horribly because it’s not part of the MCU and is done by Sony, Venom did extremely well at the box office in its opening weekend. Now, of course, there is the talk of where does it go from here and that question was answered in the post-credits scene Marvel is so well known for doing.

Spoilers for Venom to follow:

Eddie Brock ends up going to interview Woody Harrelson’s character Cletus Kasady who will eventually become Carnage. This sets up for a sequel where Venom and Carnage will potentially face off.

You would think that with them introducing Carnage into the mix that Venom’s sequel would be headed for an R-rating but that is not the case. According to a recent interview about Venom with, Spider-Man / Venom Producer Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach. Speaking to Collider, Arad said:

“You know what? When you hear Venom…forget Venom. When you hear, Carnage, the only thing you can think of is R. But, if you know his story, if you really know the comic, there’s no R here. He’s a tortured soul. It’s not about what he does, because we never have to show the knife going from here to there, and the blood is pouring. What you have to show is, what is the motivation? Was he born like that, or it’s someone we should feel for, because if you are succeeding to make a villain someone you can feel for, jackpot.”

You heard it straight from the source, you don’t need to actually see carnage and gore for Carnage to be in the Venom sequel. If done right it will still show Carnage for who he truly is. I for one would love to finally see Carnage on the big screen and if they follow a plot line where Venom has to team up with Spider-Man to stop Carnage that would be pretty cool to watch play out on the silver screen. Who knows where this could go but it certainly piques my interest.

‘Venom’ Producers Claim Sequel With Carnage Might Not Be R-Rated’ []

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