Venture Bros. creator has confirmed the show’s cancellation


Earlier today, some rumors were going around that Adult Swim had pulled the plug on its popular Johnny Quest spoof The Venture Bros. In response to a fan asking about everyone’s “favorite shows that were canceled unnecessarily,” artist Ken Plume responded withThe Venture Bros.” Since no one had officially heard anything, fans weren’t sure what had happened. Why would Adult Swim cancel the program without notice?

Well, sadly in this instance, you can actually believe what you read on the internet. Just a few hours ago, creator and lead writer Jackson Publick confirmed on Twitter that the end has come for both Hank and Dean.

If news of the cancellation wasn’t bad enough, it seems the long-rumored and anticipated eighth season will also not be happening. Publick’s words confirm that whatever writing was happening before the COVID-19 pandemic started would have contributed to season eight. In other words, not only is the show gone, but it won’t have a proper finale.

This is something of a trend that I’ve noticed with Adult Swim shows. The network loves to drag out production on its popular series before cutting their time short. It happened with Metalocalypse, The Boondocks, and now The Venture Bros. It’s really a shame, because the show was excellent in its earlier seasons.

Source: Twitter

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