Veronica Mars creator planning production documentary


Following the tremendous (and continuing) success of the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter, series creator Rob Thomas has been doing his best to comfort the naysayers in regards to just how those millions of dollars are going to be spent. Aside from making the movie (obviously), and hoping to bring some footage to this years Comic-Con, Thomas is planning on a documentary/production diary of the filming of the picture, something I would assume would be some kind of gift to those who backed the movie.

He’s updated the film’s Kickstarter page, discussing some of the finer points of what may or may not happen depending on how big the budget ends up being, but that usually means bump-kiss until a viable product has been seen. Personally, I’m happy as a clam knowing the movie has, at the very least, met its goal and trust Thomas to do right by the fans. I really enjoyed Veronica Mars while it was on the air, and even re-visit the show every now and again when the mood strikes me. There is also the matter of my oft professed love of Kristen Bell, but that’s not for public discussion. 

If you share in my adoration of the little blonde gumshoe, hit up the Kickstarter page and feel free to donate.

[via Collider]